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Mouth Guards

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Do you play a contact sport such as cricket, hockey, rugby?

Do you participate in recreational sports such as mountain biking or skate boarding?

Are you wearing a custom-made mouth guard?

For more information on how Sunshine Dental can protect your teeth and prevent serious mouth injuries see our Mouth Guards services page. 


What is a mouth guard?
Often referred to as a gum shield, mouth guards sit over your teeth while you are playing sports to prevent damage to your teeth and serious mouth and jaw injuries.

Who should wear a mouth guard?
Mouth guards should be used by anyone, children and adults, participating in a sport that involves physical contact or moving objects, such as cricket, hockey and rugby.

Why have a custom-made mouth Guard?
There are several types of mouth guards available, such as boil and bite and take your own impressions, which may be cheaper than a custom-made guard however the materials, comfort, fit and protection of a custom-made guard are far better than the cheaper alternatives.
Cheaper alternatives are often bulky and uncomfortable to wear and can become deformed which means the teeth are not covered effectively.

Our guards are designed and tailor made by our professional clinical dental technician, Roddy, specifically for the person who will be wearing it to provide the best protection and a more comfortable fit. He will take an accurate impression of your mouth and will note how your jaws bite together to ensure it fits your mouth exactly, protecting your teeth and gums properly.

How much does a custom-made mouth guard cost?

The expense of a mouth guard outweighs the cost of not wearing one – the cost of repairing a chipped tooth or replacing lost teeth if knocked out can be several times more than the cost of a mouth guard.

Our prices start from £45 depending on which sport is played and which custom colours are chosen.

We urge everyone who is taking part in a sport that involves contact, a stick or a ball or the chance of falling over or off something that they get a custom-made mouth guard as part of their essential kit.

If you would like more information about mouth guards, you can call us on 0115 9733591 or complete our online contact form to see how we can help.

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