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Dental Implants – The Myth Busters!

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Many people feel self-conscious about missing teeth or problems with their mouth. Fear and uncertainty can keep you from seeking the dental care you need.

Dental implants allow you to keep a beautiful smile and eat foods that you may not be able to enjoy without healthy teeth. If you’ve been told you’re a candidate for dental implants but are still hesitant, it may be due to several common myths about the procedure and the implants. Don’t let bad information prevent you from having a healthy mouth, full quality of life, and a nice smile.

What are Dental Implants?

First of all, a dental implant is a manufactured artificial tooth that is surgically placed into your gum and jaw providing a secure and strong foundation for replacement teeth. Dental implants allow users to enjoy the foods they love and can secure loose-fitting dentures. The dental implants can also be a great alternative to a bridge as it restores gaps without surrendering any of your neighbouring teeth. For more information about our dental implants services find out here.
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Sunshine Dental Support Macmillan Cancer

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Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities and provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer. It also looks at the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can have, and campaigns for better cancer care. With around 360,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK, Sunshine Dental felt it was important to support Macmillan.
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National Smile Month

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This month is National Smile Month – a national campaign which aims to make a positive difference to the oral health of people throughout the UK.

Here at Sunshine Dental, we are passionate about putting the smiles back on people’s faces as good oral health has so many wonderful life-changing benefits.
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Are you too embarrassed to have a dental check-up?

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Are you too embarrassed to have a dental check-up?

Reluctant to visit the dentist because you are afraid of what we might say?

Do you feel awkward and self-conscious?

Here at Sunshine Dental we understand that nobody enjoys going to the dentist. For many of us, it’s a necessary evil, with one in four of us dreading it for fear of being “told off”. That will not happen here – we never pass judgement on our patients and are simply here to help you achieve a healthy happy smile.
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