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It’s never too late to perfect your smile

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Not everyone is born with a perfect smile and having crooked teeth can have a detrimental effect on your self confidence and self esteem – however does the word braces call to mind a teenager with a mouth full of metal? Thankfully that’s not the case anymore.

Quick Straight TeethThe four main factors that stop people getting orthodontic treatment are: Cost, appearance, time and discomfort. The Quick Straight Teeth™ invisible brace system uses either tooth coloured brackets and wires, or clear aligners to ensure once placed in the mouth they are almost invisible. People won’t even know you are wearing a brace.

Teeth can move with age and some adults find their previously straight teeth have become crooked or overcrowded. You may be experiencing jaw pain, or have difficulty in cleaning your teeth properly or you simply may have a smile that you find unattractive.

Getting braces fitted as an adult is becoming much more common and it is never too late to perfect your smile.

What will it cost?

Improving your smile goes beyond just the cosmetic, a good looking smile and a balanced bite is a worthwhile investment to ensure overall long term general and oral health. However here at Sunshine Dental we understand that cost is a very important consideration.

Quick Straight TeethOrthodontic treatment is dependent on individual cases which is why we offer a free initial consultation but if suitable, prices can start from as little as £1,500. We can offer 12 months 0% interest free finance to help you spread the cost subject to terms and conditions.

Quick Straight Teeth™ are one of the most cost effective adult brace systems on offer in the UK but don’t compromise on quality.

How long does it take?

Getting straighter teeth and a beautiful straight smile is quick compared to traditional orthodontic methods, however the length of time it takes is specific and tailored to each individual case. Generally you will see results within 4 – 24 weeks.

We will regularly review your progress to make sure you stay comfortable.


The braces and brackets we use have been designed to ensure optimum wearability and comfort for patients. Your clear braces will not only look discreet, but feel extremely comfortable on your teeth.

Quick Straight Teeth™ can restore your confidence, boost your self-esteem and get you smiling more so if you would like a beautiful new smile come and talk to us – 0115 9733591