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Don’t let your ghoulish smile let you down – we can help!

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Research shows that quite a lot of people lack confidence when smiling or when having photographs taken. Being unhappy with the way you look is a very disheartening and common problem and can have a dramatic effect on your life.


Studies agree that a smile is usually the most important and best remembered feature when we meet a new person, so if you are concerned about the impact your smile is having on first impressions, such as at a job interview, business meeting or when having a romantic meeting a smile makeover may be the answer.

Many patients are anxious about seeing a dentist either as a result of past dental experiences or through embarrassment at having not been to a dentist for a while. Here at Sunshine Dental we are very different. We will manage your dental journey with care, consideration and compassion which patients find refreshing.

Sandy describes her recent treatment with us:

“Wonderful, friendly service. Very happy to have found this excellent practice – everyone is super friendly and helpful and put you at your ease, but most importantly they are really patient, listen to your requirements and work wonders on giving you a lovely smile. Highly recommended!”

Not everyone is looking for total perfection which is why at your initial consultation we will listen to your needs and concerns. We will explain all the treatment options available to you and we will plan your treatment to give you the look that YOU want. Whether it may bea routine examination, fillings, orthodontic treatment with braces, tooth whitening, or dental implants.

Dental Implants replace damaged or missing teeth by the use of titanium metal posts or frames which are then positioned into the sockets found within your jawbone, replacing the root of your old tooth.

A smile makeover can not only transform your smile but your whole face, giving you greater confidence to smile naturally.

The alternative to not having a smile makeover is to continue feeling a lack of confidence or discomfort.

A smile makeover doesn’t just transform your mouth, it changes your life!

So, if you would like to go from this to this


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