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Are you too embarrassed to have a dental check-up?

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Are you too embarrassed to have a dental check-up?

Reluctant to visit the dentist because you are afraid of what we might say?

Do you feel awkward and self-conscious?

Here at Sunshine Dental we understand that nobody enjoys going to the dentist. For many of us, it’s a necessary evil, with one in four of us dreading it for fear of being “told off”. That will not happen here – we never pass judgement on our patients and are simply here to help you achieve a healthy happy smile.

Sunshine Dental We offer a unique experience in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere and encourage new patients to come and have a cup of coffee with us before even meeting the dentist so you can meet the whole team.

We are trained to help people who are experiencing problems with their teeth and have various ways in which to fix these problems. You will be treated with kindness, patience and understanding and we ensure you won’t feel the overwhelming sense of being out of control. We want your visit to us to be as stress free as possible.

So if it’s been a while since you visited a dentist, why not come and see for yourself how things have changed. With modern surgeries, pleasant reception areas, polite, friendly staff and advances in technology you will find it’s altogether a much gentler experience and much more bearable.

Dental health is very important – not just for keeping our smile in check but for our overall health too. The sticky bacterial plaque that builds up on our teeth if left untreated leads to inflamed and bleeding gums as well as being linked to heart problems and diabetes.

So our do’s and don’ts are:

  • Don’t worry – we are not judges! We are here to professionally guide you to an improved, healthier smile.
  • Do tell us if you are nervous – there are ways we can help you to put you at ease
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we love talking teeth!
  • Do talk about any embarrassing problems you may have such as bad breath or bleeding gums – we have heard it before and by discussing them with us you are one step closer to improving your smile
  • Don’t put off visiting us any longer. Our friendly team is here to offer you tailor-made dental health advice and care, so book that long overdue appointment today by calling 0115 9733591 or complete our online contact form

And remember, if you don’t like going to the dentist you’re not going to the right one!

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